Our Favorite Smart Lock – Yale Assure 2

Our Favorite Smart Lock – Yale Assure 2

Do you often second-guess whether you locked the door? Do you want notifications and a historical log of who and when accessed a specific door? Meet our favorite smart lock solution: the Yale Assure 2.

We’ve been installing a lot of these lately around Naples, and our customers are loving them! The smart integrations, Wi-Fi capabilities, quality build, and fantastic design are just few reasons that set it apart from other brands. We are also loving the User Interface of the Yale App, which lets you easily control multiple locks, access codes, schedules, and view historical data of access.

Yale has truly excelled with this product, making it a top choice for secure and convenient home access. The Yale Assure 2 smart lock combines a sleek design with robust security features, offering peace of mind and ease of use. Its remote control and monitoring capabilities make it an essential addition to any smart home in Naples or anywhere else in the world.


Keyless Entry

The Yale Assure 2 offers versatile keyless entry options that cater to everyone’s preferences. Those who need access can choose their own way to unlock, whether it’s through the keypad, Auto-Unlock, or the Yale Access app on their smartphone or Apple Watch. This flexibility ensures that everyone can enjoy seamless, secure entry in the way that suits them best.

Multiple Doors? No Problem.

With the Yale smart locks, managing multiple doors or even multiple properties becomes a breeze. Through the intuitive Yale Access app, you can seamlessly control and monitor access to all your spaces. Whether you have several entry points in your home or oversee multiple properties, this smart lock system ensures you stay in control, providing an efficient and secure way to manage access remotely.

Scheduled Access Codes

Need to grant access for a home cleaning service, home watch, property manager, or friends? No problem – with the Yale Assure 2, you can easily create scheduled access codes for everyone. Set specific times when these codes can be used, ensuring secure and controlled access. All this can be managed remotely from the Yale Access app, giving you peace of mind and convenience.

Don’t Worry, It’s Locked.

With the Yale Assure 2’s auto-locking feature, you’ll never need to worry or second-guess yourself about forgetting to lock the door. The smart lock automatically secures your door after a set period, ensuring your home is always protected. Whether you’re rushing out in the morning or have your hands full, this feature provides peace of mind and convenience, making your smart home even smarter.


Yale Assure Lock 2 – Touchscreen with Wi-Fi

  • Available in 3 Colors: Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Black Suede
  • Voice Assistant Compatibility: Apple Siri, Google Home, 
Amazon Alexa
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Apple Home Kit, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Airbnb
  • Share access with trusted guests
  • 24/7 Activity Feed with Real Time Notifications
  • Advanced Security with two-layer encryption, and two-factor authentication.

The Yale Assure 2 is a top-tier smart lock that brings unparalleled convenience and security to your home. With features like keyless entry, remote access, scheduled access codes, and auto-locking, it’s an ideal upgrade for anyone looking to enhance their home automation setup. We highly recommend this smart lock for its quality build, smart integrations, and user-friendly design.

If you live in the Naples area and want to upgrade to the Yale Assure 2, our team at Tech Department is here to help. We offer professional installation, setup, and personalized demonstrations on how to use the lock. Please feel free to reach out via our online service request form, text, or call us. Enhance your home automation in Naples with the Yale Assure 2 today!